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Roberto and Marcello in Pirate 11/18/2022

Welcome to the mountain running and skyrunning workshop that will be held in the Jerusalem mountains and will be guided by elite European runners. Roberto Delorenzi and Marcello Ugazio.


Let's start with the administration

meeting place -Ein Kobi - a point in Viz

Meeting time: 05:45

Training duration - 4 hours (06:00-10:00)The length of the run is about 6 km (over 4 hours). Of which 3 warm-up and 1.5 release.  200-300 meters climbing.

The technical training will be performed on the pirate single and its surroundings.

Mandatory equipment - Outdoor shoes with good grip. Half a liter of water conveniently stored - vest or belt. 

Mandatory forms: health and responsibility statements

Recommended equipment- Preferred diet. A light coat for the cool hours. 

Change of clothes for the class after the run

Refreshment station- near the training area - with drinking, technical nutrition, fruits, etc.

after trainingwe will goTo experience the Yehuda Mountains (point in Wise)a few minutes' drive away,For a classroom lesson where we will receive feedback while watching a video and talk about mountain running.

A light refreshment will be waiting for us at the farm. 

And of course at the end of the workshop a surprise awaits us. The graduates of our previous workshops already know each other, so don't find out....

Schedule ends at 12:00 


The training outline

The training is in the method of a craftsman's workshop.

The instructors will explain and demonstrate different exercises

We will get used to it and receive highlights and feedback

Sometimes the exercises will be videotaped so you can watch and learn from them

We will start with warm-up exercises and body preparation.

We will continue with a warm-up run

We will move on to practicing running techniques at a gradual level of complexity

We will practice ups and downs and talk about methods to run efficiently, safely and enjoyably in varied terrain

The instructors will give individual and group feedback according to the progress of the training.

Training on short segments, with repetitions. So that most of it will take place in a small area suitable for everyone.

Training progress according to pace, ability and personal readiness. Each and every one according to their choice.

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