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Cane workshop for Subb Emek runners

After the success of the stick workshop for UTMB, we present a workshop for the long distance runners of the neighborhood

The purpose of the workshop

Sticks take the load off the legs. This is significant in cross-country running for long distances (and not only on steep slopes). The workshop will provide tools  for effective work at different slopes and rates

what will we learn

  • When to use sticks and when to fold them

  • Work uphill and downhill

  • walking and running

  • Different techniques for pushing forward

  • Eating and drinking using sticks

Times and locations

October 4, 2022. In Park Canada. Gathering at 06:15.

Practice 06:30-09:00


Yaniv Shushan

Ultra runner and skyrunning. Initiated mountain running workshops in Israel and Italy.

Owner of NatuRun


Doron Goldfarb

running coach Graduated from the SkyRunning workshop in Italy. Mountain and ultra running. Owner of IBEX Group

WhatsApp Image 2022-09-29 at 6.39_edited.jpg

Naama Dror

running coach Participates in races


Owner of the Montanga Group

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