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MatteSky - Matterhorn skyrunning workshop

The only official Skyrunning workshop, instructed by top professional mountain athletes

This 2nd Matterhorn Skyrunning Workshop, is designed to teach amateur
mountain runners the best practice of skyrunning and to prepare them for demanding races, including trail running in the most iconic location
at the foot of the Matterhorn.

The master-class will be held by world famous experts for a group of 10-15 students, one to one, indoors and out, right on the mountain where most of the action will be.

The instructors will use demos, exercises, real-life examples and give the students personal feedback and advice.

Lectures and presentations will be held in the evenings covering theories and scientific research. Presentations and videos will accompany the
experience as well as recovery activities.


Credit: Ian Corless. ISF

Mountain running should be learned  from the best. 

roberto norway2.jpeg

Credit: @yaniv shoshan 

Franco colle

One of the world's top mountain runners. winner of the Monterosa Skymarathon and three time TorX champion.

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William BOffeli

a professional skyrunner and ski mountaineer. 3 times Monterosa skymarathon and two times Matterhorn Ultrak winner.

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Ian Corless. ISF

Credit: Golden trails


yaniv shoshan


The participants will gain skills for succeeding in mountainous races and challenges. The workshop will include practical training,  and lectures and personal feedbacks given by  world-class athletes

The workshop program






Pickup from MXP and    transfer to the hotel

Rest and dinner


09:00 Advanced training. Running in steep and technical terrain. Running techniques part 2. 
14:00 Lunch
16:00 and lectures and receiving feedback from the instructors.

Building training programs and planning a season for different goals.

Ultra racing highlights.

19:00 dinner




09:00-14:00 Morning training in the mountains. Altitude adaptation day. Trainingeasy

 Introduction toRunning techniques

Terrain analysis and path selection. Traffic efficiency in the mountains

14:00 - lunch

16:00 Trainings on correct use of equipment. Night and weather

 19:00  dinner


09:00 Race simulation
14:00 Finish and lunch
16:00 Investigation of the simulation and receiving feedback from the instructors




09:00-14:00 Uphill and downhill running techniques - part 1

Dealing with steep and technical terrain. Correct work with sticks

14:00 lunch

16:00 Training on running at altitude. Safety in big mountains. Going over videos taken during training and receiving professional feedback for each trainee

19:00 dinner



09:00 Running trip in the mountains for release, getting to know the areas we haven't seen yet 

A tour of the   villages of the valley. Shopping for souvenirs and of course mountain equipment in the local shops



09:00-14:00 High mountain training
Running in the snow with crampons

14:00 Lunch

16:00 Receiving feedback from the instructors.

Racing season planning and race planning.

Nutrition in the race

Work with an escort team.

19:00 dinner



Farewell to the group and transfer back to the airport


The ideal hotel for mountain athletes. The owner of the hotel - Ludo - third generation in these mountains, and a mountain runner himself, knows every trail and resident in the area.

At an altitude of 1800 meters, this hotel is ideal for acclimatization to the altitude. Just walk out the door and we are on the most beautiful trails.

Oh - and the restaurant - the best in the area - according to Trip Advisor.

Bring your spouse or friends, there is a lot to do in the area


The cost of the workshop is 1950 euros
For our trainees and those who register until 1.3.22 - 1850 euros
Registration fee 100 euros
- to be returned in case of illness or
Injury that prevents participation


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