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Previous projects

Workshops and events from the past

A social race - the Khorshan Marathon

We organized a race for our trainees, to allow them to run 42 kilometers after the marathon they were training for is shortened. There were also legs of 21 km and shorter. The event was crowned   as very successful and happy and included runners from all over the country and several running groups


Downhill running workshop

In these workshops we learned to run efficiently and safely down different types of trails. The workshops were held in Dune in Caesarea, Mount Horshan and Carmel near Yegor


Scrambling workshop

We learned to run in rocky and technical terrain that sometimes requires climbing with the hands. Not physically difficult but requires concentration and technique to pass it comfortably and efficiently.


Workshops for races

We learned techniques for using sticks for long or mountain races such as the UTMB and Subb Emek. The participants reported that the knowledge helped them a lot during the grueling races


Mattesky - a craftsman's workshop at the foot of the Matterhorn

The first skyrunning workshop of its kind. Guided by  Franco Colle and William Boffeli. With the participation and guidance of Marino Giacometti   the founder of the World Skyrunning Association and the inventor of the sport. In the workshop we learned to run in different terrain conditions, work correctly with equipment and plan a training and racing season.


הרצאה - של עידן פרץ על הכנה למירוצים. ויניב שושן על תוכניות בית הספר לריצת הרים

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